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Who We Are

Austria Bottle Filling Equipment is a professional manufacturer of various types of liquid, powder, paste, granular packing machines. Our main products: NP-VF series of filling machines, piston filling machines, overflow filling machines, gravity filling machines, weighing filling machines; NP-C series of rotary capping machines, inline capping machines; NP series of powder, liquid, granular automatic packaging machines; and washing machines, ovens, unscramblers, aluminum foil sealing machines, inkjet printers, labeling machines, rotary tables, conveyor belts and other auxiliary equipment.

Our machines are widely applied to daily-chemical, cosmetics, pesticides, oil, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. We always adhere to the principles of "technological innovation" and "excellent quality." We focus on product R&D while ensuring technology leadership and innovative features. All products are made of components and materials which are purchased from Germany, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, for the processing and assembling of our engineers and workers. They are the crystallization of our wisdom and labor. (more…)